of experience!

Revenue Protection Strategy Manager (2015 to 2016)
10 months

I worked to develop creative strategies to deal with revenue protection and customer service for rail varied clients, as well as developing the social media presence.In 2016, I researched and presented a proposal to the board (and a client) for the deployment of body worn video cameras on our front-line staff, which was accepted and implemented. Today, one of our teams make use of sophisticated, yet easy to use and manage, cameras that help moderate behaviour and reduce incidents.My role involved collaborating with clients to enhance revenue protection and customer service efficiency and effectiveness. I also worked towards identifying and implementing improvements, and modernisation of the business.

Network Revenue Protection Manager (2013 to 2015)
2 Years

As senior manager, and deputy to the Head of Revenue Protection, I worked on the development and promotion of the Revenue Protection strategy throughout the Abellio Greater Anglia franchise area of operation, and was invited to critique bids for other rail franchises. The Revenue Protection Department was part of the Customer Services Division, and the focus was two-fold, ensuring passengers had tickets and delivering exceptional customer service. One of the key areas that I focused on was culture change, I helped our teams realise that they were the face of the company, and that they should be delivering exceptional customer service at all times. Meetings with representatives from Passenger Focus and passenger forums, confirmed that the positive changes were evident to customers. I spearheaded the delivery of strategic business plans to achieve specific targets in ticketless travel, Service Quality Standards (SQS), customer service, National Passenger Survey (NPS), environment / energy, safety, and expenditure. I managed a team of ten Revenue Protection Depot Managers, Internal Fraud Manager and Compliance Manager, and successfully moulded them into a single team with a single goal - to exceed expectations. Through my leadership, we were awarded Investors in People Silver Status, a jump from standard recognition. In this role I was the lead on the re-writing of the contract with a supplier (about £350k per month spend), I re-wrote all job descriptions, I wrote several major departmental reorganisation plans / documents, and I wrote a handbook for all front line Revenue Protection Officers. I also researched and wrote a brief paper on the use of body-worn CCTV by frontline staff. A major achievement was the reduction of ticketless travel from 9.4% to 3.2% in fewer than three years (60% reduction), while at the same time successfully implementing a major culture change programme within the department, and this was all delivered under budget.

Acting Area Revenue Protection Manager (2012 to 2013)
2 Years

At short notice, I was seconded into the Revenue Protection senior management team, where I helped develop the strategic and operational management of the Revenue Protection teams on the "East" side of the franchise, covering areas from Norwich to London Liverpool Street. My direct reports included five Revenue Protection Depot Managers and seventy three Revenue Protection Officers, as well as about eighty contract staff that supported our teams. In a matter of months, I helped change the culture of the teams, improved employee engagement scores significantly and noticeably improved morale. During this time I improved employee engagement and effected a culture change, leading to increases in the "Leadership", "Well-being", "Development and Training" and "Line Management / Supervision" scores in the Colleague Opinion Survey (2012 to 2013.)

Making Travel Safer Team Manager (2012)
<1 Year

I managed the Making Travel Safer Officers, Automatic Ticket Gate Operators and "Push-back" Teams for the company (about one hundred and twenty staff.) Working in this role, I helped write the contract, including key performance indicators and service level agreements. I used my negotiating skills to work with the contractor, and quickly improved the perception of the team. I was able to use some of my skills to effectively plan, train and deploy contract staff during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, where we had teams deployed at Stratford Station (one of the busiest rail stations during the period) with no incidents and many compliments. By working with several key people, I was able to break down silos, and the team was developed and integrated into the Revenue Protection fold fairly quickly, with clear improvements in customer satisfaction, and always within budget.

Revenue Protection Depot Manager (2010 to 2012)
3 Years

I managed a team of Revenue Protection Officers, dealing with day-to-day operational requirements. While managing the team at Ipswich and then at Colchester, my key aim was to change the negative culture and improve morale. I did this by working with the team, and encouraging them to achieve more than they thought was possible. I helped them develop a sense of pride in their work, and their performance went up by around 50% in a very short space of time. While they did not always agree with my decisions, I always ensured they understood my reasons and motivations, which helped build a culture of trust and honesty.

Revenue Protection Officer (2007 to 2010)
3 Years

Detected and prevented ticketless travel on railway. Provided exemplary customer service to all network users and service stakeholders. Worked within Prosecutions Team on secondment; learned learn how to prepare cases for prosecution and represented the company as a prosecutor.

Floor Manager (2007 to 2007)
<1 Year

Managed operations of Hardware Department and assisted with running of Softs Department for retail department store. Supervised a multifaceted team of 8 staff, developed sales strategy, procured inventory, and improved business efficiency / performance.

Bakery Manager (2005 to 2007)
3 Years

While running Butterworth Metal Industries, I also managed an on-site bakery. Nceduluntu (translated to English, it roughly means, "community support") Bakery was based in a shipping container with a single "deck oven" and was located on the factory grounds. The purpose was to supply freshly baked bread, raisin bread and chelsea buns to the local community and the factory staff. I project managed the delivery, installation, commissioning, recruitment, training and stocking of the bakery with no support whatsoever. The project was completed on-time and within budget. The bakery conformed to, and exceeded, all local health and safety requirements. The bakery produced roughly 800 loaves a day, which were sold locally. Our bread was recognised for being of a good quality, weight and taste.

Company Director and Group Human Resources Manager (2004 to 2007)
4 Years

At Butterworth Metal Industries, I planned, organised, and strategically controlled all activities of the company, with 85 employees. Working with the union and various role players, I secured government funding for several training and development programmes. My vision was to ensure every member of staff would retire with the ability to read, write and speak in both English and Xhosa. I wanted to give them the independence to use a cash machine without someone else helping them, I wanted them to understand the basic concepts of running a business; and I am pleased I was able to do this for many of them. In developing people, I inspired them to look at ways of developing the business, and this resulted in improved efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability. Through innovative thinking, I improved delivery times by 20%, increased manufacturing efficiency, lowered expenditure, and further increased profits by implementing recycling and energy efficient solutions. I worked with, and influenced, others to support and rebuild a severely damaged school. Many of my staff volunteered their time as a result of my commitment to the project. I wanted our company to epitomise the spirit of "Ubuntu" (community.) For all intents and purposes, everyone thought I owned the factory, since I treated it as such. "Every success was shared, and every failure was mine."

General Manager (2001 to 2004)
4 Years

I started as a salesman / marketing advisor, and through teamwork with the sales agents, built up a good customer base, leading to my promotion to Sales & Marketing Manager, and then General Manager & Group HR Manager. As General Manager, I was able to grow the business while reducing the size of the management structure. I did this by simply empowering and trusting everyone to perform to the best of their ability, while constantly training and developing everyone in the organisation - this was a major culture change, as I had to change the way the business had been run for the previous 20 years. I was also able to influence the board of directors, convincing them of the importance of creating an IT infrastructure to store, monitor and analyse all sales and manufacturing data - which had been done by hand until then. I taught myself the basics, and ended up designing the first website the company had ever had, and introduced email to the group of companies. In recognition of the way I was able to develop relationships, influence people, earn trust and my determination to do things right, in 2002 I was made group Human Resources Manager. To promote transparency and understanding, I immediately wrote and introduced uniform job descriptions across all the companies in the group. I developed the Human Resource strategy for the group and individual businesses, I wrote the HR policies and procedures for five of the businesses, handled all industrial relations issues, implemented a centralised computerised payroll system, and dealt with daily HR issues. I further implemented a rigorous training and development programme for all employees (which had not existed previously), I wrote induction manuals, contracts of employment, disciplinary manuals and employee handbooks for all staff. I also negotiated with the board of directors and the union, to introduce the first disciplinary code, making it clear what actions any colleague would face for breaking certain policies.


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From the Head of Revenue Protection
Kim Gorman - Head of Revenue Protection at Abellio Greater Anglia

I would like to the thank you for the hard work and commitment you have shown in relation to your secondment to Contract Manager within Revenue Protection. You have made many changes, which have bridged the gap between Carlisle and Greater Anglia, and this has been a great success.

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From the Managing Director & Finance Director
Clint & Lida Dias - Managing Director & Finance Director (abt 2004 to 2007)

Henry Ford once stated "Burn my factories, destroy my equipment, but give me my people and I will build it all again." He understood the worth of good leaders and employees, as do we. We have visited BMI sparsely since the buyout for good reason. The work you do, you do excellently and there is little need for intervention on our side. You are a strong leader and we value your dedication, enthusiasm, diligence, loyalty and expertise. Thank you, and keep up the good work. The road ahead will be rewarding.

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From the Managing Director
Colin Webb - Previous Managing Director of Butterworth Metal Industries (abt 1993 to 2004)

During his time of employment with us, he advanced through hard work and ability, to become Factory Manager and Director. His duties included that of Human Resources Manager for the entire group. Ashley was without doubt, one of the best members of staff that I encountered during my approximately 10 years as CEO of the group. His conscientious application of work ethic to whatever task he was assigned and his care and respect to all under his authority, was an example to all. He was very much involved in uplifting his staff and community, and instituted various training programmes for their upliftment and encouragement.